Robòtica i anglès, reforcem els aprenentatges

Des del MENOF oferim l’activitat de Robòtica. La poden realitzar alumnes des de P4 fins a ESO.

| 07-02-2018


Last Tuesday, October 17th,  67 students from our school were given their Cambridge Examination Diplomas.

| 24-10-2017

Poster penpals, The Easter Letters

The Easter Letters are delivered to three different schools.

| 22-05-2017

Georgina & the Dragon

Georgina is a little girl who loves helping others, and so when the king tells her that the kingdom is being besieged by pirates, vikings and a terrible dragon, she offers to help right away. But how can a little eight year-old girl sort out the king’s big problems?



| 17-05-2017

We are really excited to go to Belgium in March

We are students of 4th ESO from the European Citizenship subject in our school.

| 15-02-2017

Poster penpals, what do you do for Christmas?

Com celebrem el Nadal a Catalunya ? I com ho fan a Anglaterra?



| 09-02-2017
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The posters have arrived!

On Decembre, we started the project "Poster penpals" with Brampton Primary School, located in East London. It consists on exchanging information about the school by using posters. We sent our posters on December.

El mes de desembre, vem inicar el projecte "Poster Penpals" amb l'escola de primària Brampton, situada a l'est de Londres, que consisteix en intercanviar informació de cada escola utilitzant pòsters. Nosaltres vem enviar els nostres  pòsters al desembre.


| 27-01-2017
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Poster penpals, a project with Brampton Primary School

We have started a project with Brampton Primary School, located in East London

Hem començat un projecte amb l’escola de primària Brampton, situada a l’est de Londres

| 09-12-2016
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