Cambridge Exams

58 alumnes del Clot s’han presentat aquest mes de Juny als exàmens de Cambridge

Dels YLE (Young Learners), 6 starters, 25 movers i 12 flyers. De Secundària, 9 KET (Key English Test) i 6 FCE (First Certificate Exam).


| 23-06-2016

Com és habitual, els petits (starters, movers, flyers) ho van poder fer a l’escola, el mati del 14 de juny. 

Els més grans van anar a la UPC a examinar-se el matí del passat 11 de juny.

En paraules de Marc Duran, alumne de 4t d’ESO que s’examinava del First:

“During this year we’ve been going to preparatory classes for the First Certificate Exam that we took last week. We went to the English Language School, organized by International House. There we did a lot of practice for the grammar, the use of English and the reading with different test models. We also did a lot of speaking practice with our teachers and school language assistants. To practice the writing part we wrote some reviews, essays, letters, stories and all the possible types of tasks that they could ask us in the exam.  All that practice helped us a lot for the exam day, because we knew what it would be like.

There is always a part which you are not very good at, and that is fine, everybody has his own difficulties, so I think that attending the English lessons  helped all of us in doing our best in every single part of the First Cambridge exam.

Thank you teachers!”