Our Erasmus + POLAND EXPERIENCE. Una experiència inolvidable a Polònia amb el projecte Erasmus + MIGRATIONS

| 17-10-2017

We are the group of students from 4th of ESO who have travelled to Poland for a week, from October 8 to October 15, and we want to explain to you what we have done and lived there.

On Monday, we started with a lecture about how to prepare and present a good oral presentation with a good support. Later we had to group with students from other nationalities, prepare little presentations following the steps we had learnt before and present them.

On Tuesday, we went to Wroclaw. Once there, we had a lecture about migration in Poland, with the main reasons for it and what has happened there (for example wars). When we finished with the lecture, we started with a visit to the history museum which was like a “time travel” through Polish history of migration (from 1945 to 2016). It was a little bit too long for us but we could learn the main ideas and the most important parts.  In the afternoon, after having a break for eating lunch and visiting the city centre (a little bit), we went to visit the Panorama Racławicka which was really interesting and awesome.

On Wednesday, we stayed in Rybnik and we went to the school. In the morning we did some sport, for example an orientation race around the school. After lunch, we worked in groups with people from all the different nationalities and we did a poster comparing some habits that we have in our countries. Later, we had about an hour and a half to continue working in the presentations about the immigration in our own country.

On Thursday, we went to visit Krakow. We started walking near the river, we saw the dragon, and then we had some time to visit the cathedral and the castle (from the outside) and the old Jewish neighbourhood. At midday we had lunch near the market square. It was a long day but we really enjoyed it, so it was worth it.

On Friday, we had to wake up very very early for going to Auschwitz. Once there, first we visited Auschwitz 1, which was the museum, and later we visited Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau). It was a really impressive experience that we will never forget.  A Polish guide explained us the places, the life of the people in an extermination camp.  It was very saddening, but also very necessary because “we learn from history in order not to repeat the same mistakes”.

Saturday was the final day of activities:  We had a presentation about immigrants in Poland (there are not many, and only from Ukrainia) and also some personal activities about the topic: for example, if you had to run away from your country, which five objects would you take?

Ha estat una experiència increïble, l’hospitalitat de les famílies de Polònia extraordinària, fins al punt que ens hem sentit com a casa!  

Pensem que mai ho oblidarem, que ens ha fet madurar i ajudar a entendre més el tema de les migracions, i voldríem no perdre el contacte amb els alumnes i famílies de Polònia.